Press Kit






AV Needs for Presentations:
• Handheld AND lapel or headset microphone

• IF no projector, then sound availability for CD or digital file
• IF projection is available, access to projection & audio
• 8-10 chairs centered on stage or risers
• Small cocktail table by stage for props
• If client allows CD & book sales, a 6′ skirted table
positioned in back of room or right outside door.

AV Materials:


10-88! Officer Down….NOW GET BACK UP!

This Keynote title and subject line is titled after Dustin’s soon to be published book “10-88!: Officer Down” which details Dustin’s journey before and after being shot in the line of duty and eventual healing from his emotional battle against PTSD. This thought provoking story leads the attendees on a journey of inspiration to help themselves to NOW GET BACK UP and continue to strive for improvement regardless of the circumstances. This is a perfect keynote for any time of group and any size.

• Understanding the impact adversity has on us
• Taking control of negative emotions through positive visualization
• Simple steps to self hypnosis for tension release
• The ability to visualize an outcome goal
• The ability to work through conflict

Program Length: 45 Minutes

Subconscious Aspects of Success

We use our subconscious everyday but have no clue on how to use it to our advantage. And most of us have goals in our lives that we want to achieve and often don’t know how to light that fire. Dustin will take the attendees on a journey into their subconscious and show them the power of their own mind. Then he will show them how to use that power to achieve those goals.  This is an energetic and engaging keynote presentation uses real life and humor to bring home the message while demonstrating the power of the mind through hypnosis and suggestion. Your attendees will find themselves drawn to Dustin’s magnetic personality as she shows them this proven method to success.

Dustin will take your attendees on the journey of the mind and top it all off with hypnotic examples that will blow their understanding out of the water. Then we’ll wrap it all up and bring the message home to match the overall theme and focus of your event and the important, proven methods of success.

• Learn to take better control of their subconscious mind
• Set goals and actually stay motivated to keep them
• How to use their imagination to achieve results
• How to organize their pathway to success
• Implementation of their new/refined goals

Program Length: 45-90 minutes