The Programs


With your many choices of speakers and keynotes out there, it can be hard to decide. Let us make is simple for you….Dustin Reichert. Author, Speaker & Entertainer, Dustin’s dynamic personality is perfect for capturing attendees personalities. And his hypnotic expertise and you’ve got the perfect entertaining, engaging keynote for your conference or training event. Each program can be shaped to your event theme and needs and times adjusted all he way up to a half day and full day training option.


This Keynote title and subject line is titled after Dustin’s soon to be published book “10-88!: Officer Down” which details Dustin’s journey before and after being shot in the line of duty and eventual healing from his emotional battle against PTSD. This thought provoking story leads the attendees on a journey of inspiration to help themselves to NOW GET BACK UP and continue to strive for improvement regardless of the circumstances. This is a perfect keynote for any time of group and any size.

• Understanding the impact adversity has on us
• Taking control of negative emotions through positive visualization
• Simple steps to self hypnosis for tension release
• The ability to visualize an outcome goal
• The ability to work through conflict

Program Length: 45 Minutes


We use our subconscious everyday but have no clue on how to use it to our advantage. And most of us have goals in our lives that we want to achieve and often don’t know how to light that fire. Dustin will take the attendees on a journey into their subconscious and show them the power of their own mind. Then he will show them how to use that power to achieve those goals.  This is an energetic and engaging keynote presentation uses real life and humor to bring home the message while demonstrating the power of the mind through hypnosis and suggestion. Your attendees will find themselves drawn to Dustin’s magnetic personality as she shows them this proven method to success.

Dustin will take your attendees on the journey of the mind and top it all off with hypnotic examples that will blow their understanding out of the water. Then we’ll wrap it all up and bring the message home to match the overall theme and focus of your event and the important, proven methods of success.

• Learn to take better control of their subconscious mind
• Set goals and actually stay motivated to keep them
• How to use their imagination to achieve results
• How to organize their pathway to success
• Implementation of their new/refined goals

Program Length: 45-90 minutes


This fun program is about teambuilding, or “teaming” as Dustin calls it. It combines Dustin’s experience in all things comedy, improvisation and teambuilding to better strengthen connection your team needs. This is a fun Keynote, but much better half or even full day program. Depending on the length of the program, Dustin works with you to build the perfect presentation and teambuilding activities for your team. This program is structured in a manner to be semi-customizable. After a detailed phone meeting with Dustin, he would put together the perfect combination of pieces for his presentation for you. All programs will be fun, energetic and memorable and will show attendees the benefits of working together with a positive attitude.

This program is generally best suited for half day minimum.


Structure and organizational skills are important components in the formula for being successful. But too often we hit the ceiling in our minds and we end up working against ourselves and those around us without even realizing it. The mundane of the repetitive daily process can sometimes hold us back. This interactive program is best fit for a half day or full day program. Dustin will take his experience in improv and talk about using improvisation in our lives to strengthen the mind and get the stagnant cells firing again. In a half or full day experience, he and his team of improv experts will break the groups up into manageable groups and run them through a series of improv activities that are stimulating, fun and memorable. The focus will be on expanding the strength of the mind for success with a secondary focus on the dynamics of working together with all personalities.  Attendees who utilize the principles learn how to change directions when needed without the normal anxiety related to sudden change, regardless of who they are working with.

This program is generally best suited for half day minimum.


A high percentage of people are tremendously fearful of the idea of speaking in front of groups. Its actually a common thought that people tend to fear public speaking more than they fear death. Dustin wants to change that. He has some proven methods to help reduce the fear and break down the fears and anxieties associated with public speaking and presentations. This programs is perfect for groups of 5-30 but can be easily tweaked for larger groups. Components of the program include understanding the fears and anxieties, techniques for reducing and even eliminating the speech anxieties, and strengthening their overall speaking techniques to build personal confidence. And he does it in his fun and energetic fashion and which helps reinforce the positive side of speaking in their subconscious minds.

Workshop Length determined by group size but generally 90 minutes-3 hours


Sometimes you need some good old entertainment and fun to release the pressures of your conference or training to clear the mind. What better way to do it than doing it through laughter? Dustin is a Master Hypnotist with tons of training and experience in the world of comedy hypnosis and comedy improv. His unique ability to connect with just about anyone helps put your group at ease and the laughter starts almost immediately the moment he opens his mouth. He explains all about hypnosis and the fun we are going to have, somehow creating a desire for many attendees to volunteer for the fun. Although the most fun is on the stage, those in the audience have almost as much fun as they are amazed and entertained by the volunteers. As Dustin gets the volunteers to open up their creative side, he takes care of them and even gives some “gifts’ at the end with specific positive and motivated hypnotic suggestions they take away with them. All of Dustin’s content is clean and appropriate for families, even if you don’t have family there. He says there is no need to be dirty, sexual or immoral. There is so much fun to be had without that!

The hypnosis shows are 60, 75 or even 90 minutes depending on your group size, your schedule and your preferences. This is a great add-on to any speaking event for the night of, or before. It is also a great stand-alone entertainment option


This is no ordinary Game Show, this is an EXPERIENCE! Dustin and his team offers a fantastic program called The Game Show Experience for your event. This super energetic program can be used as an add on to any program, as a stand-alone “teaming” (teambuilding) option or even as an entertainment for your event opening night, as a kick off, mid convention entertainment, etc. Dustin and his team of other Professional Game Show Hosts that are outgoing and entertaining, all embedded in the improv world. We utilize Professional Game Show Systems that really give it a genuine experience. We combine the personality of the host with the energy of fun ice breakers, interactive group trivia, prizes and our variety of fun game show games. This is a great combination of energy and fun for the perfect outcome for your event.